Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

Wesleyan University.  A liberal arts college located in Middletown, CT known for its prestige.  Back in September 2015 the school gained attention after a student wrote a proactive op-ed piece in the school’s newspaper about the Black Lives Matter movoffended5ement.  (Here’s the link: http://wesleyanargus.com/2015/09/14/of-race-and-sex/)  I do not agree with the writer’s opinion in the slightest and find it concerning that it was published.  Yes, everyone is allowed and entitled to an opinion, but this one isn’t based on any real research and is likely to cause a population on campus to feel unsupported and unsafe.  Once one controversial opinion is let loose all others follow in suit.  The article created a lot of controversy with support and opposition.  The piece outraged many student of colors and felt that the newspaper should be held accountable.  A petition was formed to cut funding from the newspaper for not only this article, but for the history of continuing to silence student of colors’ voices.  This whole situation resulted into protests, walk-outs, and sit-ins.  The newspaper is just one example of the anti-black and racial injustices that students face on their campus.

Wesleyan has joined many other institutions in addressing the racial issues at their schools.   I fully support the students of color at Wesleyan and stand in solidarity with them.  For more insight on the movement at Wesleyan check out the campaign website here: http://www.isthiswhy.com/


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