I want to share a website I stumbled upon that provides the demands made by 79 different colleges and universities across the United States:

79.  None of these racial injustices are new, in fact they’ve existed for what seems forever.  There are direct parallels from the movement today to the movement happening during the 1960s, granted with slight changes/differences.  79 colleges and universities took part and addressed the problems in these campus wide movements regarding Black students and students of color as a whole throughout the whole fall semester of the 2015-2016 academic year, there are probably more.  (Here’s website that provides a useful timeline of the college protests:

Jeff Roberson/AP/File

Last semester was difficult for me.  It wasn’t difficult because of my academics, but it was emotionally taxing because what I was seeing all over social media and the news covered incidents and events that I could very much relate to.  Being a Black student on a predominately white campus is hard.  My own campus dealt with our own racial issues and the lack of support that the administration provides.  Clearly my campus is not alone in this and might actually be better in creating a safe space than other campuses, but it still does not erase the struggles and pain dealt with not only Black students, but students of color.  It is frustrating.  It’s frustrating to be a minority on a college campus.  During the admissions process all schools like to boast about their diversity and inclusion, but once those students are actually on campus there’s a lack of support and those minority students are left to fend for themselves.  Where’s the protection?  Where’s the support?  What happened between the admissions process and actual attendance to the school ?  The demands made by those 79 colleges and universities are very real struggles faced by so many students of color, even at some of our nation’s top universities.  To all those who say that racism is no longer a problem or feel that race politics is not important, you’re wrong.  The problems at the college and university level are just playing into a larger system.  These racial issues are not unique to the college world, they exist within the work place, the U.S. public education system, the U.S. criminal justice system, and all the other systems.  This conversation needs to be had and action needs to take place.


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