Power of Social Media

With the advancements of technology and the increased knowledge of the internet, social media has become a huge platform for one to promote oneself, one’s ideas, or one’s beliefs.  Many social and political movements are turning to social media to spread awareness and information on their cause.  A prime example of media activism is the Black Lives Matter movement, which started on the social media site, Twitter.  It’s a sign that the times are changing and social media has been really beneficial today’s civil rights movements.  So it’s no surprised that after the protests at Mizzou began to blow up, student groups across the nation at different institutions began to speak up and stand in solidarity with the Black students at Mizzou.  Schools like Ithaca College, Yale, my very own Mount Holyoke College organized themselves to show support in the forms of walk-outs and rallies.  Spaces were created for students of color to share their own experiences being on a predominately white campus.  Students came together because as Dr. Martin Luther King said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.  Social media has been a driving force behind sharing the various protests and actions happening on college campuses.  It really exposed people to the fact that Black Lives Matter means so much more.  It’s the day to day struggle that Black students and students of color face when being in a space that is not fully accepting of them or actually was not really created for them–us in the first place.


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